Badfinger’s Ass

(I’m not as ashamed about the title of this as I probably should be. It could have been much worse. I also make no apologies for the relative puerility of the content to follow.) It’s surprising to me that in the annals of popular music there is but one album with the title Ass. There are plenty of album details prominently featuring the word; those albums however come along with descriptions of the ass - size, badness - or what might be done with/to the ass. Heck, we don’t even get an Azz. What’s more surprising to me is that the one instance of an album named Ass was not indeed a recording by Ween.

No, Ass was the 1973 offering by Badfinger, whose largest claim to fame was as biggest band to come out of the Beatles’ pet project Apple Records. Badfinger did enjoy some brief success in the early 1970’s, and a few of their songs still manage to get airplay on classic rock stations. I for one never had any use for their biggest hit, “Come and Get It”; it’s no surprise that the song was written by Paul McCartney, whose cloyingly dopey musical stylings and lyricism were already showing late in the Beatles’ recordings and only got worse after that. But “No Matter What” will still occasionally bring a smile to my face, something that cannot be said for just about any other song that manages to get airplay on classic rock stations.

So if you ever wondered what ever became of Badfinger, Ass is your answer. The album was Badfinger’s last with Apple after a most tumultuous relationship. The band would eventually release a few albums on Warner, but it seemed that the band could do little after severing the last ties they had to the Beatles. The shadow was inescapable; even the band’s name was a product of the Beatles - it was taken from “Bad Finger Boogie,” the original title of “With a Little Help From My Friends.” Heck - “No Matter What,” may as well have been a Beatles song too.

Ass was not well received. Though the 1970’s had its fair share of questionable album covers, I can only imagine the puzzlement of fans when they happened upon the new album and saw the tediously phallic cover (pictured above). I’ve never wanted a carrot less. The album is at least good for one thing; even the strongest of critics cannot avoid intentionally (I’m sure) humorous quotes like “Apple sprung Ass on the world.”

BlueHost v. 1and1

My original hosting choice was 1and1 - their bang for the buck was solid compared to other hosts that inspired some amount of confidence. I decided the WordPress would serve as a personal challenge. Unfortunately my determination masked my severe need for sleep - I guess when bedtime was several hours prior it’s easy to mistake “MS SQL” for “MySQL.” It doesn’t help when your knowledge on the subject is not quite sufficiently above that of an octogenarian luddite. Either way the package I had purchased did not meet WordPress’ minimum requirements, so the bang for the buck went poof. Thank God for the 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

BlueHost was my plan B. They offered a tad less storage and bandwidth, but then again I’m not anticipating dailykos levels of readership. The aptly-named Fantastico auto-install caused me to question why I ever thought I’d take the WordPress installation challenge. The entire process took about one minute, much better even than that Famous 5-Minute Installation.

I was pretty frustrated that I didn’t go with BlueHost to begin with, as I now had to deal with transferring the domain. That process turned out to be nowhere as difficult as I thought, but I did get the opportunity to appreciate another advantage to BlueHost. I e-mailed both hosts with practically the same question about the transfer within 5 minutes of each other. BlueHost replied the following morning - 1and1 followed two days later. Maybe they felt they could take their time since I was taking my money elsewhere.

I can’t say I spent too much time working with 1and1’s control panel, but I am also quite fond of BlueHost’s FTP options. They provide Java-powered access to my FTP which has made uploading plugins and such beyond simple.

I’d like to think that once the backbone stuff is mostly done a good web host is like a superior football offensive lineman - best if not noticed. So hopefully I will have no more news on this front. Overall big props to BlueHost.